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CMS WordPress Review

User-friendly SEO WordPress isn’t perfect WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. It is freely licensed and developed by a huge user community. By default, WordPress provides only minimal options for organizing a blog, but thanks to extensions, users turn a simple engine into a universal tool for creating various sites, from...


Don’t forget about the rest… at work!

How to rest properly? If you are a boss What if there is no time? Exercises to relieve fatigue while working at the computer Take care of your eyes: Those who think that it is necessary to rest after work, and not during it, are very mistaken. During the working day, be sure to set...

by August 18, 2020February 15, 2021


A standard site content management system allows: A standard site content management system allows: Pros and cons of CMS Comparison of paid and free CMS Content Management System is a site creation and management system. It is a visually user-friendly interface with which you can add and edit site content. The fact is that any...

by August 3, 2020February 15, 2021

The second part: Website development on CMS

Installing a template Installing modules Transfer to hosting Site filling It’s simple Installing a template Regardless of the type of your resource and the engine that you use, when creating a site on the CMS, the basic capabilities are always insufficient. This statement is especially true in the case of free CMS. If you are...

by July 6, 2020February 15, 2021

The first part: Website development on CMS

Installation on a computer Code editors How to restore work Installation on a computer First, we need to download the engine itself and install it. There are two ways: Copy the downloaded engine to the server and install it right there; Install CMS on a local webserver located on your computer. Each method, as usual,...

by June 2, 2020February 15, 2021

Website maintenance:

Technical support services What is included in the technical support of the site? Conclusion It is needed to support the functionality and smooth operation of your website. For a successful business on the Internet, just creating a website and promoting it is not enough. The web resource needs constant development and support, because, in a...


Why does every enterprise need to conduct SWOT-analysis?

Internal strengths and weaknesses External opportunities and threats General strategies SWOT analysis is the identification of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the organization, as well as the external Opportunities and Threats that affect its activities. This analysis should be an integral part of the strategy development of each company. Information about external opportunities and threats...

by March 22, 2020February 15, 2021
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